Dear Friend,

Nothing much going on today, certainly nothing of import, except perhaps for this:

"Enchant - The Album" is now available for free online download, and the official sale release date is February 26th. That deserves a cup of tea, we think. Frankly, we are aware that many EA listeners have been waiting a very (VERY) long time for this album, and giving fans permission to freely download the entire album online is the least we could do to say "thank you, no, thank YOU, no, thank YOU!" for your patience.

To download the album, head over to EAOnline and click on the banner that looks like this:

This is where you can find the complete tracks, lyrics, and more strange things. So, go off and have a listen, but do keep in mind that the "Enchant Puzzle," yes, the musical treasure hunt housed within the album, will not commence until Feb. 26th as the real thing is needed to participate.

"Enchant" CD Release Party, Wednesday, Feb. 26th
Vision Nightclub
640 N. Dearborn
Chicago, IL
(312) 266-1934
10:00 P.M.
21 & over

EA will again be giving away a magical pair of wings, and more importantly, everyone who attends the show wearing their own wings will receive a personally signed poster and other trinkets from EA. This is not the show to miss!

Hope to see you there, and happy listening!