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Dear Friend,

EA is in the studio mixing her side project, "The Jane Brooks Project: Volume I," and beginning work on the new album, "Opheliac, " all the while continuing her search for a cellist. Of course, that hasn't stopped her from debuting a new fragrance, chatting about the Patriot Act, and selling Bonny Tyme Pyrate goods to the known world. Read on...


+A New Interview with Silverfox Radio has been added to the Articles section of EAOnline. EA answers some in depth questions and talks about the future.

+Those of you who happen to subscribe to" Interview Magazine" will see the results of EA's crazy NY photo shoot with Kelly Klein as one of IM's "12 Women to Watch," a feature pictorial that will appear in Interview's October 35th Anniversary issue. The rest of you will have to wait until...that's right, October. Wanna see the Helmut Lang creation EA wore in the shoot?

Other News:

+After months upon months of researching, smelling, mixing, testing, and more smelling, "Mistress" Perfume Oil by WillowTech House (EA & fLee's design house) is finally HERE! Here's the scoop straight from the faerie's mouth: "This stuff is liquid sex in a bottle. Most definitely my signature fragrance. Almonds, honey, rose, pink lotus...this is the real thing. Take a gander at it, and order a sample if you don't want to take the plunge, though I guarantee you'll want a gallon once you smell it. This represents long months of all-nighters (literally) between fLee and myself, and I really hope this fragrance enriches your life.--EA" Try this new scent before WTH releases it to stores.

And Lastly:

+EA has taken her unique designs in the "Bonny Tyme Pyrate" style to YOU, auctioning off sample designs and one-of-a-kind handmade creations she crafted for WillowTech House via eBay. Check out EA's postings in her forum on the subject, and learn what's up for sale this week. Here's a clue: Victorian Spiked Capelet & Party Gloves. Not for the fashion conservative.²

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Peace & Tea to all,